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Why Compost Express?

Launching in 2014, Compost Express began with the idea that our community needs more healthier food created via good soil. Achieving that goal requires collecting and composting food scraps from local homes and businesses like yours. Doing so diverts thousands of pounds of material from landfills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Composting Matters


Composting does the world a world of good.

Annually, families nationwide produce hundreds of pounds of kitchen scraps. If they are simply discarded and taken to a landfill, our environment takes the hit on those delivery costs while producing toxic methane gas when they are compressed in the earth. Using Compost Express, you can divert those organic materials, and create nutrient-rich, healthy soil instead. The end result is beautiful gardens and tasty food right in the community!


It's more than trash. It's even more than recyclable material.

Let's look past the environmental benefits though and see what else a community-driven composting service like ours provides. Educating others about composting creates much more than just reduced waste. We create better tasting, nutritious (and healthier) food. We create jobs for people in need. We offer a local product always needed by the community, that does not have to be trucked in from out of town - or worse - out of state. Compost Express, with our customers and business partners, are building a business that matters.


Will you take part in the composting revolution?