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When Flatness Creates Effervescence

There’s no denying, a Food Revolution is taking place in America. Consumers are shunning unhealthy food and beverage choices and incorporating better ones¬†into their diet. How so? With cold-pressed juice, the organic food boom, the slow food movement,¬†urban farming, beekeeping, community¬†activists, environmental stewards, authors and more have changed how people eat in recent years.

As you may have heard, these¬†changes¬†in our culture have directly affected¬†the carbonated, soft drink¬†beverage industry too.¬†Simply put,¬†they’re losing the market share battle and falling flat.


As a non-soda drinker myself, I normally could care less about what happens in the soda business. Yet, I do know how beneficial not drinking soda can be for overall health.

Recently, I attended a half-day corporate training session with more than three dozen adults. They catered it with assorted convenience breakfast choices, coffee, pasteurized packaged juices, and various sodas. (Everything was offered buffet style at no additional cost.)

Surprisingly, at the end of the day, I noticed only a handful of empty soda cans remaining in the room. I scanned all the tables quickly to see mostly drained bottled water containers instead.

The takeaway? Americans might¬†actually be¬†realizing¬†soda isn’t their best drink choice.¬†Such¬†bubbly news.


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