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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Compost?
Composting is nature’s way of turning organic waste products into a valuable soil conditioner via an aerobic process. Compost is the best natural fertilizer available for plants, landscaping, and for creating healthy food. Spreading and incorporating compost into soil helps with moisture retention, support essential soil bacteria and to combat erosion.

Composting by itself helps divert waste from landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and gives homes and businesses the opportunity to be more eco-friendly.

Want to do your part to be sustainable and start your own compost bin at home? We have local access to good quality, discounted kitchen compost bins, compost pails and compost tumblers. Drop us an email and let's talk about it.

What food items are accepted?
Any organic kitchen scraps, including:

  • fruits (i.e., strawberry hulls, banana peels, apple cores, watermelon rinds, etc.)
  • vegetables (i.e., potato peels, mushroom stems, carrot peels, corn cobs, etc.)
  • egg shells
  • beans
  • tea bags and full-leaf teas
  • used coffee grounds (including filters)
  • herbs and spices
  • rice

*DO NOT INCLUDE dairy products, meat, bones, fat or oils, pet or human waste, charcoal briquette ash or plastic bags. WE CANNOT COMPOST THEM.

Not sure? Call or ask for more information. A detailed acceptance list of compostable items is provided to customers.

Is it hard to compost?
Composting on your own could be. However, we make it easy for you. Simply fill the bin with organic materials and let us compost it locally.

Will I be able to receive any compost in return?
Our current composting partners do not give us the opportunity to return compost to customers - yet. It’s definitely a future plan.

Will compost or worm castings be available for purchase?
Yes! Our finished organic compost and worm castings are available for purchase at Schuler Gardens in Milwaukee.

Live outside of Milwaukee and need worm castings? We can ship you our black gold by the pound. Reach out to us via email, by phone, or hit us up on social media and let's talk about we can help.

Where can I put my bin and what about odors or pests?
We suggest keeping the bin in a garage or outdoors. Our compostable liners will eliminate any mess, and our air tight lids will keep the smell encapsulated. Rodents will avoid the bins as long as meat, grease, bones or oils are excluded.

How do I sign up?
Sign up is easy! Register online and we’ll touch base via email providing the details. You can expect a bin and liner shortly thereafter, with weekly pick up starting the following week.

Where do I put my bin on pick up days?
You tell us where it will be accessible. Whether it’s on the porch, back step, or near the garage. Just keep it segregated from the trash if on the same day so they don’t take the bucket contents by mistake!

How do I suspend service temporarily?
Leaving town? Just drop us an email in advance and we’ll skip the pick up on our route that day.

What does it cost?
Our residential composting pick up service is under $8 per week, billed at $32.00/monthly rate. Are you a local business owner? Get in touch for a personal consultation based on your needs.

Need to discontinue your service?
Just give us a call, or shoot us an email. Let us know and just leave the container out for us to collect on your final day of service.


Did we miss anything? Drop us an email at compostexpressmke@gmail.com or give us a call at 414-403-3002.