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A Radical American Road Trip

In the summer of 2014, thanks to social media, I had the chance to learn about Rob Greenfield and his #donatenotdump campaign designed to reduce food waste in Wisconsin. During Rob’s visit to Milwaukee, I got involved with his mission determined to spread his message to others (see Adventures Of A Dumpster Diver for details.)

Since then, Rob has continued using attention grabbing tactics to bring awareness to the importance of reducing food waste, etc. so we all can become better environmental stewards.

This past month, Rob launched a new paperback book, titled Dude Making a Difference: Bamboo Bikes, Dumpster Dives, and Other Extreme Adventures Across America. In it, Rob recounts his sustainability focused road trip from the summer of 2013 and the measures he took along the way to create zero waste, save water, promote the importance of eating local and more.

Image-front-cover_coverbookpageSo why would anyone willingly battle extreme heat, pesky mosquitos, relentless winds, loneliness, potential injury/illness, and beyond, all on their own volition ? Because our planet needs healing help, and Rob wanted to be the steward that generated a sense of urgency in others to take action today to make it better.

During Rob’s journey, he relied upon Brent, a bicycling co-pilot dedicated to his mission as a photographer, traveling companion and friend. Given the extreme nature of the project, Brent must have been a true adventurer to stick along for the ride! Thanks for being a behind-the-scenes hero Brent.

Throughout the book, Rob provides stories of the people he met, the kindnesses they provided to help him along the way, the fonder appreciation he acquired for simple things like warm sunshine and refreshing cold water, but most importantly, Rob offers substantial advice about the countless ways each of us can make small changes in our daily lives so we can live more sustainably.

So, if you’ve never composted a banana peel, shut off your water faucet while brushing your teeth, broken bread with a stranger (plucked from a dumpster no less), or eaten fresh vegetables acquired from your local farmers market, then you’ll want to pick up his book and learn why doing any or all of these things is important. Mother Earth, and future generations will thank you.


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